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ABC Baby Classes

ABC Baby Classes

Joanne Atkin - Founder of Abc Baby Classes

I have been teaching Infant Aquatics since the spring of 2004. Before then I was a primary school teacher for about seven years, so I have always loved working with children.

My interest in Infant Aquatics started after having my first child and looking for things for us to do together. I discovered a local Birthlight swimming class and began a course. I was hooked. After only two courses I knew this was what I wanted to do for a future career and believed it possible, even with a small child. I mean what a perfect demonstration model!

I completed my Birthlight training in Tenerife and when I returned I started the ABC Swim School. Having started with just six babies I had no idea it would build into a reputable swim school with over one hundred babies, and many successful swimmers moving onwards and upwards.

Girl wavingI have had my second child since starting ABC so was more than happy to begin working in partnership with Emma in September 2006 to create ABC Baby Classes. Now there’s the two of us the future for ABC will be even bigger and brighter. Where we can hopefully introduce a wider variety of parent and baby classes into the school.

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