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ABC Baby Classes

ABC Baby Classes

Why is it so good

SwimmingThe benefits of "baby-friendly", infant/toddler swimming are unique, uplifting and contribute to the positive development of the whole child. Through the soothing medium of water, we are able to tap into the child's potential, both within and without. Early swim lessons set a positive foundation towards a lifetime of participation and enjoyment in a variety of water sports and aquatic venues on, in and under the water. This is often a child’s first social experience out of the home that involves their peers. They learn to relate and interact with each other and look forward to seeing their class mates. Early swimming fosters a growing sense of self-esteem, confidence and independence. As a child’s ability to freely move through the water increases so does their sense of well-being.

Some actual physical benefits are:

1. It helps improve co-ordination and balance. Lack of gravity also means that babies exercise more muscles (more effectively) in water than on land. Physical benefits include a stronger heart and lungs, improved strength and stamina, improved co-ordination and agility as well as stimulating awareness and alertness.

2. Learning to respond to commands can make your baby sharper mentally and increases levels of understanding

3. Regular swimming in warm water both relaxes your baby and stimulates their appetite, leading to improved sleeping and eating pattern

4. Skin to skin contact is excellent for strengthening the bond between your baby and you. Parents with more than one child also find it’s an excellent way to guarantee a weekly session where the focus is purely on their newborn