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ABC Baby Classes

ABC Baby Classes

baby massageWhy is it so good

The benefits of baby massage contribute to the positive development of the whole child. Through the soothing medium of massage we are able to tap into the child's potential both within and without.  

Some actual physical benefits are:

  • Babies sleep better and soothe more easily
  • Massage helps with relief of colic and digestive problems
  • It may help relieve discomforts of teething, congestion and emotional stress
  • Massage enhances the bonding process
  • Infants who are massaged regularly are more alert and sociable when awake
  • They tend to do more 'vocalizing' or 'baby chatting'
  • As they grow they tend to be more relaxed and open with healthy touch - hugging, cuddling, holding hands, etc.

Its also great for you too, benefits for parents include:

  • Increased confidence, competence and self-esteem in your role as a parent
  • Alleviates the symptoms of post-natal depression
  • Provides skills to help parents calm a child when her/she is distressed
  • Facilitates quality bonding time with your infant and better communication between parent and child
  • Improves the level of intimacy between a father and child