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ABC Baby Classes

ABC Baby Classes

The Programme

baby massageOur courses will take you through the ways of learning to relax with your baby, showing you how to communicate through nurturing touch and the various strokes of massage and gentle movements. It will teach you how to begin, where to start and end your massage so that you will learn a full massage routine which if practiced at home on a daily basis will help you to learn and recognize your own babies cues and signals and teach you how to listen to them and understand.

Our lessons are conducted in a relaxed, stress free environment where each child is respected as an individual and encouraged to relax and enjoy their massage. Within this safe environment there is the opportunity each class to discuss any issues which arise from the massage course or from your life as a new parent.

Courses are arranged in progressive blocks to accommodate the various age, experience and developmental milestones of the group. Each session will offer an element of continuity and repetition this allows babies to understand, learn and enjoy their massage routine.