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ABC Baby Classes

ABC Baby Classes

Our Philosophy

baby massageThe Four Ways of Belonging - touch, eye contact, voice, and body language, all come into play when we bond with an infant. The practice of infant massage incorporates all of these parts of us. Consciously developing the ability to communicate love to your baby through the nurturing touch, brings with it profound satisfaction and new confidence. Although you may give them a massage simply to soothe and to aid sleep, or to relieve colic and congestion, you may also give a massage expressly for the purpose of bonding, and of getting to know each other better. Enjoying and exploring touch for its own sake while practicing attending to your baby's signals is a natural way to convey love to your child in the language most meaningful to them.

Baby massage creates an excellent foundation for your child's wellbeing, helping to promote a peaceful, happy and content child. As well as this, the classes are an ideal environment for mothers and their new babies to bond, for children and parents to begin to socialise and for whole families to spend quality time together.

Although most babies once they begin crawling will not lay still long enough for you continue massaging them on a regular basis it will always be a key tool you can reintroduce later on. Perhaps before bedtime a massage can help settle down and calm a toddler ready for sleep, or gently massaging a child’s back when comforting them.