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ABC Baby Classes

ABC Baby Classes

Costs and Booking


These courses can be one to one or a small group, and can be as many as can fit into your home comfortably, therefore if you have a group of antenatal friends then this is something you can do together. Most courses I run from your own home but I can hire a room at our Ramsden Bellhouse location if the group is too large. Each class lasts between forty-five minutes to an hour and can be scheduled on a weekly basis to suit you and your friends. The classes are run in courses of five or six weeks and follow the half term timetable of most schools. Therefore there will be breaks during Christmas, Easter, summer and the half term holidays.

A six week course would cost per child as at July 2012:

One to one: £60.00

2-5 children: £48.00

6 or more children: £36.00

Booking your course

Please contact the teacher to enquire about starting a course and to discuss further. You will then be given details of where to forward your course fees to along with the Booking form which you will be able to downloaded form here.

Click here for the booking form

Terms and Conditions

Payment must be received with your enrolment form prior to the commencement of the course. Once payment has been received confirmation will be given. Please note places are not guaranteed; they are subject to availability. Cheques may be cashed in advance unless post dated to the start of the new term.  If we cannot find you a suitable place we will of course refund in full.

Refunds/Credits are not given once the course has started. 


  • If you give 5 days notice of cancellation of your place before the term begins we shall refund your money.  If you cancel any later than 5 days then you will be given a credit to attend a future course.
  • If a lesson is cancelled this class will be rescheduled if this is not possible it will refunded.

Sickness If your child is sick you do not need to telephone if they are to miss a week or two.  If it is likely to be longer, please let us know.  Refunds and credits for long-term illnesses are given at our discretion. 

Safety is at all times our paramount concern.  However, ABC will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury that may occur whilst on the premises.

Photography No photography is permitted unless consent is requested and obtained from ALL participating parents/guardians. ABC may from time to time wish to take photos for business use, your consent will be sort to take and use such photographs.

Parent/Child Ratio All ABC classes assume a 1:1 ratio. However a 2:1 ratio may be possible if agreed prior to booking, if you would like to request permission to increase this please contact me prior to the class commencing.

Parking No parking is available at any location but all locations have adequate local parking.

Complaints If you have any complaints at all about our lessons please contact us as soon as possible.