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ABC Baby Classes

ABC Baby Classes

FAQ's - Baby Massage

My baby is really happy and content.  Would my baby benefit from infant massage?

It is true that baby massage helps with many complaints your baby may have.  However, the shared experience of baby massage would be an opportunity not to be missed.

Can premature babies be massaged?

The massage routine can be adapted for premature babies but it is important to go very slowly and very tenderly. Premature babies love the feeling of enclosure that a pair of warm, loving hands can give. Many studies have shown that premature babies who are stroked regularly improve rapidly in growth and development. Some neonatal care units have introduced massage as a regular part of every baby's routine.

Can massage benefit babies with special needs?

Baby massage can be wonderful for bonding between parents and babies with or without special needs which opens another avenue of communication and strengthen the link you share. Often infants with special needs require a lot of support from health professionals whereas baby massage is something you can do for your baby!

Would we still benefit from going to baby massage classes, even though I am following a book?

Following a book can be done and should teach you all about baby massage however it is much more fun if there is a group of you and meeting other mums can provide new opportunities for you and your baby to make friends.