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ABC Baby Classes

ABC Baby Classes

FAQ's - Swimming

What does my child have to wear?

Babies MUST wear swimming nappies, for the very small we recommend the Happy Nappy as this nappy fits snugly around both the legs and waist. As they get older then ‘Little swimmers’ from huggies are suitable or there are many reusable swim nappies available – link to merchandise page.

Does my baby need to have any vaccinations before swimming?

The current government guidelines suggest that babies do not require any immunisations before they can start swimming ( but if you are in any doubt then please ask your GP or health visitor for advice.

Should my baby swim if they are ill?

Never bring your child swimming if they have any significant illness such as an ear infection, chicken pox, conjunctivitis or a bad cold.  In the case of sickness and/or diarrhoea, all symptoms must have cleared for at least 48 hours before bringing your child to the pool. (Hopefully you’ll never see the mess a liquid leak can cause - a sure-fire reason for having to cancel all lessons!)

How do we book?

After contacting the teacher to confirm space availability you can book a place in advance by sending us a completed medical form and signed T &C’s along with the course fees.

How often do we need to do a course?

Our courses run continually throughout the school year and during the summer holiday at some locations and the majority of parents continue throughout the year. However the choice ultimately is yours. We recommend that you still go swimming regularly because we find that children lose confidence in the water and take a step backwards in how they swim after having a break.

Do I need to be able to swim?

No, you will be able to touch the floor at all the pools we use and if you can keep your feet on the floor during all the activities.

Do I get in the pool with them?


Can I bring my partner?

Certain classes allow two adults to be in the pool with one child but this depends on each location so please ask prior to booking.

Can I bring someone to watch from the side?

Due to pool size and space we do have to limit the number of viewers on the side so please ask prior to the class.

Can I take photos

No. However in certain circumstances if permission is granted by all parents at the class it may be allowed. Please note that as a school we occasionally hold underwater photography sessions.

Is my baby safe underwater?

Underwater swimming is perfectly safe so long as it is introduced and practised in a carefully controlled manner (in line with recommendations from our teaching bodies), but this is never the main activity in any lesson.

What if my baby doesn’t seem to enjoy it / cries?

Babies do cry – this is perfectly normal so don’t worry. Everyone in the class has a baby too so it is perfectly acceptable and we all understand.
As on land, try to establish if there is a reason why your baby is unhappy or crying – are they tired, hungry, too cold/warm or feeling unwell? Try to coordinate lessons around usual feed or sleep routines (if you are lucky enough to have one)!

It may take your baby a while to become familiar to the new sights, sounds, tastes, and smells of the pool environment. Try to remain relaxed and positive, if you are tense and anxious your baby will be too.

Unless your baby is seriously distressed try to avoid getting out of the pool as we want them to associate the water with fun. If you feel the need to disengage from the class that is fine – move slightly away sing a song, play with a toy and join back in when you are happy.

Remember we all have off days too when we just don’t feel like it!